New BlueForce Basic - Instruments for Automatic gates/doors

From the experience of Microtronics in the sector of instrumentation for automatic gates/doors comes the new BlueForce Basic: the simplified impact force tester, with the essential functions to guarantee the conformity of the automation according to the minimum safety targets provided for by law in the UK: (Rif. Doc. DHF TS-011:2016).

The same strength and precision as ever, together with a highly unique design, lie at the base of the success of BlueForce, adopted throughout Europe as a Reference Instrument by the major Notified Bodies and the top manufacturers of automations for power-operated gates and pedestrian doors.

Technical data

Dimensions and Weight: 280x80x50mm - approx. 1.6 Kg
Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
Memory capacity: one test at a time
Force acq. interval: 6 sec, sampling at 1kHz
Force measurement range: 0-2000N (mechanical stop at approx. 2100N)
Force measurement resolution: 1N
Dynamic time measurement resolution: 0.01s
Maximum force measurement error: the bigger between
+/-20N and +/-10% (EN 12445

Par. 5.1.2.)
CE-EMC conformity verified at TUV Rheinland on sample Blueforce
instrument s.n. 00981
Compliant with the DHF technical specifications TS-011:2016
In compliance with the BS EN12453:2017
N.B. the instrument has to be connected  directly to a PC equipped  with the
​ Basic software
Bluetooth interface: v.4.1 (only for connection with the FTP thermal printer)
USB interface: v.2.0 specification compliant


  • BlueForce Basic
  • Carry-case
  • Hex wrench for handle
  • USB cable
  • Basic Software.


  • BlueForce Basic
  • Carry-case
  • Straight Extension
  • Hex wrench for handle
  • USB cable
  • Basic Software

This guide is designed to provide installers with a summary of the key requirements of some of the main standards referred to by the product standard and show how to apply appropriate solutions to meet each requirement.

However, with the exception of BS EN 12635, all these standards were designed principally for “type testing” a product in the factory or test laboratory. Also, the standards were developed in the 1990s and the state of the art has developed since then, with new safety devices becoming available.

Measurement accessories
To do measurements to the EN12453 norm, are needed mechanical supports or extensions. In the accessories chapter there all the accessories for the BlueForce Smart.

See all the available accessories

Gate test reports can be easily done by filling in the practical notebook, already predisposed following the DHF TS 011:2016 guide!

The module can contain all the data of customer, kind of gate, and other technical details regarding force measurements and safety issues.
Each report is composed by three copying sheets: one for the installer himself, one for the customer, and the third to be attached to the technical file of the gate.
Moreover, in the back of the cover, there is a brief reminder which reassumes the recommendations of the DHF code of practice, for three basic kinds of closures: sliding, swing and barrier.
The gates and their specific measurement points are well represented by means of clear and practical pictures.


Realization of one force test at a time, with automatic evaluation of the numeric parameters provided for by the normative and direct visualization on the 6 numbers embedded display:

Fd: dynamic force peak;
Fe: final force;
Fs: average static force after the dynamic peak;
Td: dynamic peak duration;
Automatic warning of the excess of the provided maximum limits for each parameter, according to the requirements of the current regulation.

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