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Here comes the new transmitter HAPPY that through a simple and essential design recalls one of the most famous historic periods, namely the 1950s. A juxtaposition suggested by the shape and, above all, the soul. “Choose to be Happy!” becomes a daily promise in order to give oneself the treat to plunge into an era of lightheartedness, from which one can learn the most useful secrets to be happy.

The safety of the ARC code

Happy is the new transmitter available in the 2 or 4 channel VA version, namely Rolling Code and Advanced Rolling Code, and in the AK version, namely Advanced Rolling Code and fixed code.

Convey your mood with HAPPY

Thanks to interchangeable coloured covers, with a simple gesture, it is possible to change the appearance of your own transmitter to make it match our mood..


Would you like to operate your automatic gate, lights, the garden irrigation or the alarm system, from inside your house?

Starting from today, thanks to SMART, you can turn your transmitter into an elegant wall-mounted keypad, without carrying out building or wiring works. In few easy steps, SMART can be fixed to the wall and it is compatible with all the new transmitters of the series TO.GO.